Tuesday, August 31, 2004

No Redstart, but...

Adult female Green Woodpecker

As the title of this post suggests, yes, I went to see the male Redstart by the Nene Valley Railway this evening. And no, I didn't see it. A "very showy" bird earlier today has changed into a "not-showing-at-all" one. Never mind. Click here to see Brian's photo of it.

I'm really happy with the Green Woodpecker photos above, though. A mixture of luck and skill (or so I'd like to think!) allowed me to get these shots in the beautiful evening light.

The lucky part was a cyclist flushing the bird up from the side of the railway line, and it perching in a tree a little way in front of me, with the sun behind me. The only skill involved on my part was: a) managing not to make my tripod legs squeak as I set up; b) moving slowly and quietly; c) plonking camera onto scope and pressing appropriate buttons when required.

That's what's so great about digital cameras and digiscoping - even people who know nothing about photography (like me) can get surprisingly good results!

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