Saturday, August 07, 2004

It's the pits

As Weed and I meandered our way towards Welland Bank Pits (or, to give it its official Wildlife Trust title, Deeping Lakes) at 7am this morning, it was looking a bit grim. Thick fog from just outside Crowland and along the River Welland. But, as we turned the corner towards WBP, it had all lifted perfectly, leaving a beautiful sunny, warm morning behind, a Barn Owl hunting the riverbank and some nice dew on the spiders' webs (or as they say in Peterborough, doo).

Mute Swan. Did a bit of digiscoping. White birds are very hard to photograph, even when they're this close and there's not much heat haze.

Joined up with Josh Jones - who told us we'd just missed a Grey Plover flying over! - at Baston & Langtoft GP and made our way to Grummit's Scrape. Nicholas Watts' wildflower planting was doing the trick and this Small Copper was among many insects feeding.

What's in my car CD player: Ladies Love Oracle - Grant Lee Phillips

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