Friday, August 27, 2004

Mill Lane, Castor

Attempted to find some migrants this morning. Matt Webb keeps turning up the stuff at Ferry Meadows, so Brian and I tried to give the surrounding area some coverage. He did the Coney Meadow area, while I tried my luck at Mill Lane, Castor (just west of Ferry Meadows in the Nene valley).

The dismal weather didn't help. There may well have been migrants there, but they weren't inclined to come out of hiding. I didn't find anything of note, but Brian picked up a Spotted Flycatcher. Mill Lane always looks good, but I've never seen anything there (apart from White-fronted Geese) on the handful of visits I've made, admittedly... Nor have I heard of anyone else finding anything. But hey, that must be because nobody goes there. Birds are just waiting to be found by whoever can be bothered to get out there...

What's in my CD player: Mutations - Beck

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