Sunday, August 01, 2004

Crude sketches

A few months back I bought some sketchbooks (at a bargain price, of course). This evening, I decided to use them. I will miss the local House Martins when they fly off for the winter.

This is to remind me that I was bad at sketching long before I was bad at digiscoping.

Before you all complain, yes, I know that House Martins have white throats; I chose to scribble them a different way, alright? I do realise that this makes my doodles look something like a misshapen cross between an Alpine Swift (though they don't have dark throats, either) and Little Auk.

I was just trying to capture some shapes, y'know? It's hard to get their flickering flight down on paper.

What's in my CD player: Radiator - Super Furry Animals

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