Friday, January 15, 2010

Fantastic Mr (or Mrs) Fox

Fox sketch

A fox came into the garden this morning to eat some of our birdfood. It stayed so long it seemed stupid not to sketch it. So I did.

When it arrived, it was only just getting light outside. It's horribly foggy today as well. I watched through the telescope and it looked like a black and white fox.

The fox sat down and ate, and watched Darren making his cup of coffee in the kitchen. And stayed and ate some more. Its luxuriant white-tipped tail brushed the ground. And eventually, there was enough light to see that it really was red and - of course - very beautiful.

I got my sketchbook and a pencil and started work. Fortunately, foxes have vaguely triangular faces, and triangular ears. So I'm quite pleased with the sketches, since I haven't done much drawing for a long time.

Just when I was embellishing one of my fox-doodles, I looked up and it had gone.

photo taken with Canon EOS 30D


  1. A brilliant sketch. You are very clever.

  2. An excellent account of your visit by the Fox to your garden along with your sketches......I'm impressed Katie.

    A quite exciting record in both text and illustration.

  3. Thanks, you're very kind :o)

  4. More like Fantastic Katie! Hope I get a stick insect in our garden soon...