Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Lodge

I went to The Lodge this morning to do some recceing for the Beds bird race team. I failed on that front, but had some photographic successes.

Birds. Yes, I photographed some birds!

Here's one that fledged earlier: baby Blackbird

Another delivery of still-wriggling caterpillars on its way to a Robin nest near you

A tiny Grass Snake swimming in one of the ponds. Whether it was after insects or newts (both plentiful, I'm not sure)

Odonata. Yes, it's dragon- and damselfly time again.

Female (I think) Hairy Dragonfly

Zoomed-in, you can see the hairs

Large Red Damselflies: mating

and teneral (just-emerged)

Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)

Speckled Wood

Small Copper

Holly Blue (nectaring on holly, appropriately enough)

Green-veined White

Adela reamurella - weird, long-antennaed moths

And now for some leaves..

Rowan (I think)







Miscellaneous bugs:

Bee-fly on bluebell

photos taken with Canon EOS 30D, EF 300mm f/4L IS USM

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  1. Lovely photos as usual Katie, I've never seen a grass snake. Maybe I'll see one on my "RSPB Experience" induction in a couple of months.

    Just had some bad news about local Hen harriers. See my post here I'd be pleased if you could "bump" this issue with your readers (you get more than I do!). The more people that know what these landowners are up to the better.