Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Insight into the mind of a twitcher

'Which clown decided to release a message that a Siberian Rubythroat is present in Sunderland and has been for 2-plus days but states that there is no access nor identifies the site. These types of messages really piss me off. I would much rather not know at all, than to be wound up knowing there is one in the country and some folks have seen it to positively ID it...

'That message totally ruined my Sunday. A twitchable mainland Siberian Rubythroat, My God, I quiver like a Redstart’s arse just thinking about it. Only it’s not so twitchable because no one KNOWS where it is. This is the kind of bird grown men dream about, who needs Kelly Brook or Angelina Jolie when you can find Luscinia calliope in your garden.'

Poor old Otis Bilious...

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  1. Katie,

    You'd think that I did a lot of twitching when reading my Siberian Ruby rant, however I have only been out of the North West on three occasions this year. I have suffered the worst that Lancashire can throw at you and it has been a dull old year here in the North West.It's just that Ruby just has so much appeal.