Friday, August 06, 2004

Dipped out on Wood Sand. Gripped by Little Stint

Went to look for Wood Sandpiper at Welland Bank Pits with Weedon's World of Nature after work. I went to pick up Mike from home and he gave me a guided tour of his rather lovely garden. It was at this point that he temporarily lost the power of speech at the sight of a Small Copper butterfly - a garden tick.

Our searching at WBP was to no avail, however. Oh well. Perhaps we'll have better luck next time. Our route to and from The North took us past Dogsthorpe Star Pit, though we didn't stop either time as we were running quite late and Mike wanted to get home to see Big Brother (sorry mate - your secret's out now).

'Twas only when I got home and read my e-mails that I discovered that a Little Stint had been seen at Star Pit in the early morning! It's a shame news didn't get out a little faster; we could have got out at lunchtime to look for it. These things happen.

To disseminate news effectively in this area, all it takes is a text message or phone call to someone and it'll get on Peterbirder virtually immediately.

When you find a good bird and enjoy watching it, remember someone else might enjoy it, too!

It seems I've already got Little Stint on my PBC life list, though I have absolutely no recollection of it.

What's in my CD player: Is A Woman - Lambchop

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