Sunday, August 22, 2004

British Birdwatching Fair: Day 3

TV presenter Nick Baker presents the Young Birders of the Year with their splendid prizes. L-R: Caroline Simpson, Claire Maloney, Nick Baker, Becky Searle.

One of the most inspiring events is always the presentation of the Young Birder of the Year prizes. Being a birdwatcher at a young age can be really hard work. You can't drive yourself around, your mates take the mick out of you and perhaps you can't afford good binoculars or a telescope.

So it's great to hear of young people battling school work, peer pressure and the lure of other interests to watch birds and produce great projects to win fabulous prizes. Fancy winning Swarovski binoculars at the age of 9! This year, the winners in all three age categories were girls. Let's show the boys how it should be done...

Artists at the Birdfair created a Peruvian-themed mural, Peru being this year's project which will benefit from the money raised.

Note Clive Byers' painted toenails.

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