Saturday, February 01, 2014

#birdperday: 1. Hoopoe

I've decided to start a thing: tweet a link to a Flickr photo of a different bird species every day. With c10,000 species (and counting), it should be good for the next 27 years or so...


  1. What fun - hurtling along it is. I've never met a hoopoe, only seen them in pictures, but they always astonish me - as if they've been left over from prehistoric times. A bird a day will be quite a challenge!

  2. Thanks Lucy. 10,000 species is a lot, but there are tons of great photos on Flickr which should keep me going for a while. Just as well I'm not sticking to my own pics - I'd run out pretty quickly! (I did think about drawing a species a day, but I think that would fall by the wayside in no time...)

    I still remember the first Hoopoe I saw, in France when I was 11. And I think the last one was in Weymouth! They are great.