Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Bertha

Red Underwing
Red Underwing

This gigantic moth - a Red Underwing - was snoozing on the wall next to the trap when I turned up at just after 5.30 this morning.

Though it was really warm overnight, I didn't catch big numbers - c110 moths of 25 species. But there were some interesting ones nonetheless.

It's been 8 days since I last put the trap out, and it feels like things have changed in that time... There were no Orange Swifts back then, and Setaceous Hebrew Characters seem to be on the rise.

Poplar Hawkmoth
Poplar Hawkmoth

Square-spotted Clay
Square-spotted Clay - the second for the garden and quite fresh-looking 

Orange Swift
Orange Swift
Small Blood-vein
Small Blood-vein - garden tick

Hornet - one of four around the trap

Boring moth list follows...

  • Setaceous Hebrew Character, 19
  • Common Wainscot, 16
  • Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, 13
  • Square-spot Rustic, 10
  • Flame Shoulder, 7
  • Mother of Pearl, 7
  • Common Rustic/Lesser Common Rustic, 5
  • Large Yellow Underwing, 4
  • Orange Swift, 4
  • Turnip Moth, 4
  • Willow Beauty, 3
  • Square-spotted Clay, 2
  • Swallow Prominent, 2
one each of:
  • Blood-vein
  • Brimstone Moth
  • Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
  • Burnished Brass
  • Green Carpet
  • Lime-speck Pug
  • Poplar Hawkmoth
  • Red Underwing
  • Small Blood-vein
  • Straw Underwing
  • Tawny Speckled Pug
  • Uncertain/The Rustic
  • Vine's Rustic
photos taken with Canon Powershot A640

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