Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Painted Ladies

Painted Lady

A massive movement of Painted Ladies has been taking place since Saturday. I've heard a guesstimate of 15 million of 'em! Wherever you were at the weekend, it would have been hard to miss them, flying along without stopping, all the way from north Africa.

Where will they end up? How do they know where to stop? Butterfly Conservation want to know where you've seen them.

Two were at The Lodge today in blustery conditions, feeding on Rosemary along with lots of bees.

photos taken with Canon Powershot A640


  1. Painted Ladies came through southern Germany in absolutely mind-blowing masses a few weeks ago, and now it seems that wave has gotten North quite well. A systematic count in Bavaria led to the estimate of several billion butterflies in that state of Germany alone during the hipe of the invasion.
    Well, they are no Crested Newts, but in such masses they still impress ;-)

  2. Was in Aberdeenshire but they hadn't made it that far!