Friday, January 02, 2009

So, er, sounds...

OK, I nearly forgot to write about any sounds, immediately after saying that's what I'd do. 

The sounds I've heard today have been limited by staying indoors nearly all day. The weather here is cold, grey and rather unpleasant, and I've been feeling under the weather so (wisely) stayed inside. 

I went out into the garden today. I was carrying a metal tube and chased after the Grey Squirrel that had jumped up onto the birdfeeder. Don't worry - I didn't batter it into submission - the tube was an extension for the pole the feeder sits on. It's about 6 feet up now, but it didn't stop the squiggle from climbing up it, unfortunately. Need a Plan B. It could involve chilli powder.

Though I was only outside briefly, it's surprising what you can pick up in a few minutes. A Green Woodpecker called from somewhere down the road, Jackdaws chacked away from the Ash tree, and I heard one of our regular Marsh Tits 'pitchoo'ing from the garden next door. Nothing momentous, but there's not much singing going on at this time of year. It won't be long, though.

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