Sunday, November 09, 2008

Garden Birds: The Movie

It's cold and windy outside, so I thought I'd try digivideoing some common garden birds through the bedroom window. It's not come out too badly, but there's no soundtrack.

The stars of the show:
00:00: Goldfinch and Greenfinch are enjoying some sunflower seeds together when
00:10: they're joined - briefly - by a Coal Tit
00:14: another Greenfinch turns up
00:18: a Great Tit and Blue Tit arrive simultaneously, then more Blue Tits and Great Tits

I'll have to try to film the Marsh Tit that's visiting every day at the moment.

Canon Powershot A640 + Leica Apo Televid 77 with 20x eyepiece


  1. Lovely cast!
    I don't normally feed my garden birds. But I might get a bird house for free soon....

  2. I loved the video! Having left England in the 60's when I knew many of the birds, it was quite nostalgic! The birds over here don't seem to be as numerous (varieties) as in England, but I suppose if you could compact all the climate zones there would be as many. I feed the birds regularly and have identified about 25 different varieties in my back garden over the years.