Monday, August 25, 2008

Dolphin food

'Marine turtles and some seabirds are particularly at risk, as they feed on prey that floats at the surface. They may mistake floating balloons for their jellyfish prey and swallow them, or become entangled and drown. Once swallowed, a balloon may block the digestive tract and eventually lead to death by starvation. Some whales, dolphins and fish are also known to have died as a result of eating balloons.'
Who would want to be associated with any of this? Stand up, Eastnor Cricket Club.

The pictured card floated into my garden this afternoon. 'I am one of many balloons released at Ledbury Carnival on Monday 25th August', it says. Nearly 100 miles isn't bad, but they obviously haven't read about the Marine Conservation Society's 'Don't Let Go' campaign.

I'll return the card, but they'll also be receiving information about the campaign and why they shouldn't be doing balloon races. Ha!
  • Yes, I am aware that dolphins, turtles, whales and seabirds are in short supply in Cambridgeshire, but that's not the point. I presume Eastnor CC wouldn't dream of dumping a load of latex in the middle of a field, so why let loads of balloons go? What do they think will happen to them?
  • I won a balloon race about 15 years ago. My balloon, released in Northamptonshire, got as far as Felixstowe, before it could harm any hapless sea-creatures.
photos taken with Canon Powershot A640

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