Friday, June 08, 2007

Things that go 'squeak' in the night

Earlier this evening, about 10pm, I stepped outside to watch some bats - pipistrelles, I guess - swooping about. They repeatedly appeared from round the corner of the house and darted over the grass in search of insects.

It was interesting to hear their wings flapping when executing sharp turns or diving towards the lawn... I can remember vividly being camping with the Guides when I was 10, walking back from our campfire, and being able to hear the high-pitched squeaks of some bats which were out hunting.

I'm not sure I'm still capable of that now. Are my ears too old? Were the other bats bigger, lower-pitched ones? I hope to be able to test my hearing some more throughout summer.

While I was watching the bats in the dusk, I looked down the hedgerow, alongside the road, and there was a Barn Owl floating along. It veered off behind the house and disappeared from view. Thanks, bats.

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