Thursday, January 18, 2007

Veg talk

One of the joys of having a biggish garden is that we have room to grow our own vegetables. It's a bit of a cliche but there really is nothing like growing your own stuff. Breaking open a pea pod to reveal the juicy green gems inside (hopefully without too many caterpillars), pulling up potatoes and shaking off the earth before taking them inside to cook, and tasting carrots that you've grown with your own bare hands are all great experiences.

It'll also be great to be busy outdoors - ideal for hearing birds calling as they fly over, and I expect Skylarks will be the main source of 'noise pollution' come spring. Plus, you get Robins sitting on your spade handle, don't you?

Hopefully, we'll be able to grow loads of stuff without digging up the whole garden. This year is going to be a bit of a learning curve, as I haven't really grown stuff myself before (though I used to 'help' on my mum's allotment when I was younger). Still, throwing a few seeds in the
ground and waiting for them to sprout can't be that difficult... can it?

OK, so this is 'A garden bird blog', and I'm writing about vegetables, not birds, but to me it's all part of the same thing. Another way of enjoying the garden, and I daresay that birds might help themselves to some of the crop, too. Which is OK - up to a point...

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