Friday, August 04, 2006

Black and yellow stripey things

Tiny ichneumon wasp thing. The long pointy bit on its rear end is for egg-laying, presumably into other insects...


This is our common wasp, I think. Googled for more information about them, but the results mostly advised me how to kill them.

This looks similar, but is different. Don't know what it is, though... Can anyone help?

photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 995


  1. Gosh there are a lot of excellent photos here! I love the bugs and the butterflies. Sorry can't help with your id problem!

  2. A few weeks ago I saw two "paired" insects that looked very much like those in the second shot from the top. An entomologist friend told me they were conopid flies.

    I had a quick look in "Chinery" and found that the species is probably Conops quadrifasciata.

  3. Nice work, Roger B. There are some pics here:

  4. Hi Katie

    I don't think the wasp is a Common Wasp (Vespula vulgaris). The long face, yellow base to the antennae and disconnected black face marking point to either Dolichovespula adulterina or D. saxonica. I'd get it checked by an expert. I've not seen either species nor Norwegian Wasp (D. norwegica), which is another possibility but appears to have a connected black face marking (these can vary within some species though).

    This site is an excellent summary of the vespidae:

    The mating creatures are a conopid fly (diptera) Conops quadrifasciata, often found in this 'mode', e.g.:

    Pretty sure the ichneumon is Gasteruption jaculator (great name) and very jealous I am too. Always wanted to find one.

    Sorry I don't recognise the last pic offhand.