Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sandwich Tern!

I visited Ferry Meadows again this evening. No Little Gulls leftover from yesterday, and only a handful of Common Terns and a couple of Swallows over the water.

I walked round to Lynch Lake (the smallest of the three) and was messing about trying to digiscope some Tufted Ducks. Not a lot about. I had a long chat with Kevan, another local birder, and he'd just left when a big tern caught my eye...

Got my bins on it... it was against the sky and light was bad, but it looked big... and there was a pale tip to the bill - bloody hell, Sandwich Tern! Then it called a couple of times before disappearing over Wagtail Ridge towards Gunwade.

I followed it and looked down from the ridge, while I was on the phone to get the news out. Couldn't see it - must be on Overton. Rushed round there and it still wasn't visible.

Birds - you can't trust them.

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