Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Dogsthorpe disappointment (as usual)

Disaster had apparently struck when I read this e-mail on Peterbirder:

From: John Oates

Marcus Kohler has just phoned to say Kevin Webb has found an adult male Red-footed Falcon at Dogsthorpe Star Pit at 7.30am today. It was with a Hobby.


Aaaarrrghhh! On the busiest day for ages, too... Would we get a chance to look for it? Not until lunchtime, and it was a bit late by then. Again, Brian Stone gave WeedWorld and me a lift to Star Pit on the remote chance of the Red-foot still hanging around.

Of course, it wasn't there, but the Little Egret was, and there were plenty of gulls to look at - if you like that sort of thing... We didn't even neeeeed the falcon for our PBC lists (click here for Phil Ackerman's excellent pics of last year's long-staying Deeping Fen bird).

Mike found a Small Copper, but during his enthusiastic attempts to take its picture, it flew off...

I urgently neeeeeed to take some photos before my blog gets superseded by the two mentioned above.

What's in my CD player: Summerteeth - Wilco