Saturday, April 24, 2004

Ferry Meadows Country Park

Willow Warbler at Coney Meadow

Another post-work visit to Ferry Meadows CP. I headed for Coney Meadow again since the park was still fairly busy.

If last Friday was the day of the Willow Warbler, this week it was Reed Buntings which were singing all over the place. At least five males sang in stereo within a small area of hawthorn scrub. I tend to think of them as inhabitants of fen, rather than scrub, but I think they know what they're doing.

There were two male Whitethroats duelling among the brambles, too. I tried for ages to get photos of one of them, but gave up playing cat-and-mouse after a while... Nice to see them back, though.

Coney Meadow

What else was about...? About ten Common Terns were around Overton Lake, and it was interesting to see that two of them had BTO-type metal rings on their right legs.

Green Woodpecker at Coney Meadow

A Green Woodpecker was very vocal along a line of oaks nearby. I finally caught up with him when he flew to an isolated tree in the middle of the meadow, and I got a half-decent photo! Green Woody is one of my favourite species. Very charismatic.

I was hoping for a repeat of last week's Wheatear, which I now believe was of the 'Greenland' race leucorhoa. That's a mega-migrant for you. Anyway, there wasn't one, but I did finally see the Pink-footed Goose that hangs about with the feral Greylag flock. And I got a lovely pic of it, too...

The Cormorants were on the Overton Lake island, as usual.

What's in my CD player: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea - PJ Harvey