Saturday, February 24, 2007

Veg update

Finally got this year's vegetable-growing effort underway today. Visited the local garden centre and bought the seeds, seed potatoes, artichokes and garlic and onion sets that we've decided we want to have a go at growing.

I spent much of this afternoon in the garage (my substitute potting shed) sowing seeds in pots and trays. I did broccoli, capsicums, coriander, chives and basil. All are now sitting on various windowsills, waiting to germinate.

Fingers crossed.

Now we need to create a veg patch in the garden to put these things in eventually. It's all lawn at the moment but I've tentatively marked out a possible patch using branches which fell off the ash tree during the gales. Might lift up the turf tomorrow if it's not raining.

I also bought some lavender plants and a globe thistle which I know will be really popular with insects.

Brown Argus on globe thistle

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