Thursday, May 19, 2005

Retrospective: 2004

Just a look back at some of the better pics I took last year...

Banded Demoiselle @ Houghton Mill, 20.06.2004

Gatekeeper @ Woodwalton Fen NNR, 30.07.2004

William Tyler of Lambchop @ Leicester De Montfort Hall, 15.08.2004
Well, I like it...

Common Darter @ Bluebell Wood, 18.08.2004

Green Woodpecker @ Nene Valley Railway, 31.08.2004

Wheatear @ Orton Pits, 09.09.2004

Herring Gull @ Hayle, 26.09.2004

Wryneck @ Langtoft, 10.10.2004

Common Darter @ Gibraltar Point, 10.10.2004

Migrant Hawker @ Orton Pits, 23.10.2004

Gadwall @ Ferry Meadows CP, 19.12.2004

Teasel @ Summer Leys LNR, 27.12.2004

digiscoped photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 995 + Leica Apo Televid 62 with 16x eyepiece


  1. Fantastic Pictures. I especially love the ones of the dragonflys, there my favorite insect.

  2. I tried posting a comment earlier to congratulate you on your blog but I think I hit the wrong button somewhere so, here I am doing it again.


  3. Katie,

    beautiful images. I'm a budding birder and a newbie at blogging. I'll be subscribing to your blog. Love the main page too ...

    I can see why you are this week's "Blog of Note". You deserve it!


  4. Hi.

    Lived in leicester for 18 months, but never saw Lamb chop. Have you seen Ashdown? They are fantastic. They play regularly and the Charlotte and a couple of other places. The lead singer, Lee, is a friend/ ex-colleage of mine, and I bought their CD with me to Korea!

  5. Beautiful Photos. You have been blogrolled. Keep up the great posts.

  6. I love the detail you capture in the close-ups. Not an original comment, I see from the list of them on just this post. :-) Nice job on the photography. You also have good taste in music.

  7. The snaps are so beautifully taken ! - we need to be reminded of the splendours of Earth....

    I wish I had a job related to environment - where I cd always be with nature ....rather than interacting with human race....

  8. Wonderful pictures, thankyou for them. An eye-opening, startling introduction to the world of bird watching. :)

  9. You take very good photos. Link

  10. Just FYI: all these birds came straight from my garden in Tel-Aviv!

  11. you have mad macro skillz, and you must be quite a smooth-talker to get those bugs to sit still like that. what do you do, whisper to them sweet, delicious things about whatever other kind of bug that particular bug likes to eat?

  12. Very nice pictures. Congratulations

  13. Nice bloggin'

    Absolutely lovely photos.

    Check outfree cognition, I think you'll enjoy it.

  14. That bird in the water... looks like a light brown female duck... prob. isnt though... what is it? It is beautiful!

  15. You have beautiful photographs!

  16. Awesome pics man... The "bug" pics are too good...

  17. these pics are amazing. i'm not really a great fan of insects or nature but this is too good

  18. As many have said, beautiful pictures. I especially love the pictures that you took of the grass covered in dew with the spider web between the blades and the picture of the long beaked bird standing on top of the barbed wire fence post.

    I have recently been interested in photography myself and have picked up a hobby of capturing some of the fantastic sun sets that we have where I live. Link!

    Keep up your great work!

  19. I love your photos-- VERY nice!

  20. Very nice indeed.
    Eye catching!
    You make everyone see how beautiful nature is.

  21. Cool !! Great pics!~
    Keep up the good work...

  22. Very, very good!

  23. I especially like the common darter & bluebell wood. Nice work. They are really sharp, too. You must have quite a camera.