Friday, April 29, 2005

Breeding Bird Survey - Part Two

Went to do the first proper visit to my Breeding Bird Survey square this morning. It went quite well, I think. A couple of nice surprises were Mandarin and Nightingale, both on the northern transect (arable land/ancient woodland).

Other nice birds were several Yellowhammers, a pair of Reed Buntings, a singing Lesser Whitethroat, numerous Sky Larks and a Brown Hare.

It was very pleasant to be out and about in the early morning (started at 0620; finished at 0810), though I was a little bit wary of the heifers in one of the fields. They seemed to be in rather high spirits, galloping towards me and bucking joyfully... Just as well I had my clipboard with me in case I needed to fend them off.

Now I have to wait a month before I can do the next visit. I wonder how things will have changed by then?

photo taken with Nikon Coolpix 995