Saturday, April 09, 2005

Bedford Purlieus NNR

Dog Violet



Dog's Mercury



It was a beautifully sunny, but very cold and windy, spring morning. I didn't fancy the washes in that kind of weather so I went to Bedford Purlieus NNR instead.

I am realising how completely ignorant I am about plants, even common species. I must do something about it...

Bedford P was in its usual brilliant state. I walked in from the west side and was immediately presented with thousands of photo-opportunities. The low sun was shining towards me through the young leaves and I can't resist all that glowing chlorophyll...

I took my scope just in case there were any digiscoping opportunities. I wouldn't want to be caught without my kit when a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker flaunts itself... Didn't need it today but I had a few close shaves with singing Chiffchaffs and Coal Tits perching in blackthorn blossom, which would have made very nice shots indeed. I watched a Red Fox watching me, though he turned tail when I put my binoculars down.

However, the most satisfying sight of the morning was on the way back into Peterborough, where I watched a stupid BMW driver get flashed by the speed camera in the 40mph zone on the A47. There are huge warning signs everywhere. Ha.

photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 995