Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Here is the news

Bird worry after cockler invasion: "Groups of up to 90 cocklers have been working at Lafan Sands in north west Wales for the past 10 days. Inspectors, who have been monitoring the situation closely, say they have not breached any fisheries regulations. But conservationists are worried that sea birds' feeding grounds are being disturbed."

Old birds' network "ONE of Britain's oldest birds has been found safe and well off the North Wales coast. Manxie has been winging his way around the UK and making longs trips to the south Atlantic since the Queen's coronation in 1953."

Ducks blamed for deadly bird flu "'Our findings indicate that domestic ducks in southern China had a central role in the generation and maintenance of this virus, and that wild birds may have contributed to the increasingly wide spread of the virus in Asia."

Scots-born ospreys to be Spanish flyers "OSPREYS accustomed to the changeable Scottish weather will be moved to sunnier climes this month, in an effort to restore the number of the species in continental Europe."

By the way, I did win the sweepstake at work, by correctly forecasting that the number of goals scored during the Euro 2004 tournament (including penalties) would be 97. I won £46!

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