Thursday, July 01, 2004

Blog fever hits Peterborough

Visit these blogs:

:: Toadsnatcher
:: Weedon’s World of Nature
:: The Natural Stone
:: Bogbumper

I seem to have accidentally started a trend among a few local digiscopers. Now, Steve, Mike and Brian all have blogs and are using them to display their digital photos. What have I done?

Seriously, Blogger is a really simple way to show off your pics, as long as you have somewhere to host them. But it looks like Blogger has thought of that, too, because for PC-users, there’s a program specially for it (don’t ask me how it works). I’m not exactly a HTML expert but even I can manage to get my photos to do what I want them to, and it’s much, much easier than trying to maintain a normal website.

If you're typing in Brian's web address,, be careful you don't accidentally end up at Natural Stone, which is all about "IRANIAN NATURAL STONTS" [sic].

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