Saturday, June 05, 2004


Despite the sunshine, today's CES (Constant Effort Site) visit to Ferry Meadows was much more productive than the previous two. A whopping total of 107 birds were processed between 05:00 and 12:30, with the two most numerous species being Blackbird and Blue Tit. Usually, Reed and Sedge Warblers are the most commonly trapped birds at FM, but Blackbirds and Blue Tits have probably just fledged their first broods whereas the warblers are still sitting on theirs.

Highlight were probably a smart juvenile Reed Bunting and a juvenile Mistle Thrush, which was a site ringing 'tick' for Chris. Though willow carr and alder/birch woodland isn't really typical habitat for Mistle Thrushes, the bird had probably been feeding on the nearby golf course with its family, and happened to drop into a net! A very striking bird indeed.

I continue to make slow (but steady) progress with ringing. I'm still getting the hang of extracting birds, which I don't find easy at the moment. Some extractions are fairly straightforward, but others are extremely complex! With the addition of deep mud underfoot, the attentions of mosquitos and sweaty, humid conditions, it all adds up to bloody hard work, though ultimately satisfying...

What's in my CD player: Being There - Wilco

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