Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Euro 2004

I was alerted to a van Nistelrooy goal for Holland against Germany (now 1:1) by triumphant hoots coming from somewhere down the street. I don't usually pay much attention to football but sometimes you get sucked in.

Euro Mullet Watch
I have been scouring the Euro 2004 website for more mullet action, but it's been sadly lacking so far. I haven't even spotted any mullets on TV this evening - oh, hang on - there's one - Bastian Schweinsteiger - see those tell-tale curls creeping down his neck?

The ref is sporting a terrific, shaggy coiffure, but I am undecided as whether van Nistelrooy's wig counts as a mullet or not. Somehow he manages to get away with it. I think for it to be a mullet, you need fairly short 'sides'.

There is something nice about the European nations getting together to play football in the Portuguese park; it makes a nice contrast from the 60-year-old images of D-Day the other week. However, some idiotic Engerland fans cannot resist the temptation to smash some things up, be it at home or away...

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