Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What goes in, must come out

Azure Damselfly

We got the pond dug and filled in time to receive our first batch of damselflies and dragonflies last spring. Nearly one year on, our first home-grown damsels are emerging!

It's been grey and grotty all day here today, so I didn't expect to see this when I got home. Two Azure Damselflies had emerged and were clinging to the Yellow Flag leaves, right next to their exuviae. Poor things. I wonder what triggered them to do it today? It's far from ideal damselfly weather. I hope it doesn't rain too hard overnight - they could easily get washed in and drown.

Photo taken with Canon Powershot A640


  1. Great angle and point of focus in this shot! Lets hope the weather picks up soon.

  2. Thanks! It's still very gloomy here...