Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scarce? Pah

Scarce Chaser

Wow. This was a surprise. I was minding my own business, waddling around the gardens at The Lodge after eating pie for lunch, when a dragonfly flew over. Thought, hmmm, that looked orange... what was that? Fortunately, it landed in the flowerbed a few metres away and stayed there.

I got some photos and then went to get one of The Lodge's resident insect experts, Ian Dawson. He was able to confirm my identification (I was pretty sure but it seemed improbable) and let me know that it was the first-ever record for the reserve! Perhaps this immature male had gone wandering in search of new territory, or maybe he just got blown off-course. But where did he emerge from?

Scarce Chasers only started breeding in Bedfordshire in 2003. I had a fantastic morning watching them along the River Ouse at Roxton last May, but now I don't have to go there this year. Only joking. Think I'll go back.

photos taken with Canon Powershot A640