Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring is on its way

Witch Hazel

OK, so my goal of posting something every day isn't going too well. I'd like to blame - in no particular order - the weather, having a cold and being busy.

Today I emerged from the office for a quick potter around at lunchtime. First thing I noticed was how warm it felt - about 6 degrees, I reckon. Compared to last week, when it barely got above zero, it felt positively pleasant.

I'm sure that the amount of bird noise has increased, too.

Blue Tits seem to be calling from every tree. There were several Great Tits singing already - they've clearly noticed that it's light for longer each day. Robins were also everywhere, but they sing all year so perhaps they don't count. Nuthatches are getting noisy. I'm going to have to read up to find out which of their varied noises is their actual song, but there was a lot of trilling going on today. It's good to hear.

I can't help but listen to birds wherever I am. In a meeting yesterday, we had a window open because it was so stuffy inside. I was paying attention, but I couldn't help but hear the raspberry noises from a flock of Long-tailed Tits from the birch just outside. I watched them flit past but tried not to make it obvious I was distracted. Later, I covertly listened to some Siskins - perhaps at the top of the tree? - and then a Goldfinch.

I felt a tiny bit smug and subversive that I was enjoying the birds while simultaneously in a meeting. Which was very interesting, obviously.


  1. I used to listen to the birds, too while I was teaching, if the windows were open. It's easy to do two things at once.

  2. 6C would be unbearably cold for me!
    I got a pond done finally.

  3. beautiful photo, the witch hazel is just stunning at the moment. I love the fact that the birds are becoming audible now too