Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I've been doing quite well for beetles in the garden over the past few days. This evening, I was lying on the lawn, peering into the depths of the pond and watching the Water Beetles and Pondskaters going about their business.

My arm was going a bit numb so I stood up, and noticed a beetle on the lawn, right next to where I'd been lying. It was a [the?] Lesser Stag Beetle, as seen on Thursday evening. It had been very lucky not to get squashed!

After taking some photos, I moved it to safety in one of the flowerbeds and it rambled off through the undergrowth. These seem to be very docile beetles - it didn't run away or mind having its picture taken.

photos taken with Canon Powershot A640


  1. Hi Katie: I love your blog and check on it frequently. In fact, you have helped me to find an interest in insects, rather than have an aversion to them!

    You may have seen this already. I found it on CNN.com and thought you might be interested. Knowing your expertise, I think YOU could probably tell THEM what it is!

  2. Oops - sorry -- forgot to give you the link!


  3. Shall I try this one more time?!