Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Come on EU, get on with it!

It's great to see that this story - Clock ticks for Malta's spring hunt - is currently the sixth most-emailed from the BBC News website.
Malta's spring bird hunt is in full swing for what could be the last time before the country is taken to court accused of violating the EU Birds Directive.

The European Commission began infringement proceedings against the country last year, for allowing the hunting of two migratory birds - the quail and the turtle dove - as they travel to their breeding grounds. Malta is the only country in the EU that allows bird hunting in spring.

There's also a lovely picture gallery of some of the victims, including Swifts, Bee-eaters, Purple Herons and even a Pallid Harrier! The last one, of a taxidermist's confiscated collection, is priceless. How many herons does a man need?!

Visit the BirdLife Malta website and see what you can do.


  1. That is truly grisly news and reason enough not to go there on holiday until Malta clamp down on this activity.

  2. How many DEAD herons does one man need?

  3. its depressing every flipping year. I still think Malta should not have been admitted to the EU until they had sorted this problem out.