Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mistle Thrush and gulls

Mike and I went to Ferry Meadows again to look for waders, ducks, Rock Pipits or anything, really. However, the most interesting piece of action we saw was actually before we left the car-park at work.

Flying round above our heads was a rattled, rattling Mistle Thrush, closely pursued by a screeching Black-headed Gull. I can't think of any sound reason why a gull should chase a Mistle Thrush, but it was. The thrush took refuge high up in an oak tree, rattling away, where it was buzzed by several gulls.

I saw a Mistle Thrush in the car-park again later, where it was trying to keep a Blackbird off its chosen berry-bearing bush. Obviously it's a stressful life they lead at this time of year...

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