Sunday, May 02, 2004

Waste of time at Woodwalton

Well, it looks like the unscheduled trip to Woodwalton could have cost me a PBC tick - Black Tern! Two were seen at Eldernell today. Yes, I still neeeeeeeeed Black Tern though I ticked White-winged Black at Welland Bank Pits last summer!

Oh well. You can't be everywhere at once and some things need to be checked out...

The spectacular creature below is a hunting (as opposed to web-spinning) spider called Pisaura mirabilis, which I watched confront another smaller, darker spider. Dark Spider approached, waving its forelegs and antennae things (sorry, I'm not an arachnologist). Big Spider tolerated it for a while, before threatening to grab it and sending it scuttling for safety. I'm getting to enjoy watching minibeasts close-up.

What's in my CD player: White Blood Cells - The White Stripes