Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moths that burn, blush and... look like twigs

Getting out of bed not long after dawn is tiring. But I'm really enjoying going through the contents of the moth trap (I leave the bulb on overnight and get up early before the moths start flying away). I never quite know what's going to be in there...

My first-ever Chocolate-tip
The Herald
The Herald
Eyed Hawkmoth
Eyed Hawkmoth
Burnished Brass
Burnished Brass
Maiden's Blush
Maiden's Blush
Scorched Wing
Scorched Wing

Treble Lines is making a bid for top spot, with 26 trapped overnight.


  • Angle Shades
  • Buff-tip
  • Burnished Brass
  • Chocolate-tip
  • Cinnabar
  • Common Carpet
  • Common Swift, 6
  • Cream-bordered Green Pea (no photo, sorry)
  • Eyed Hawkmoth, 2
  • Figure of 80
  • Flame Shoulder
  • Green Carpet
  • Heart & Dart
  • Herald
  • Large Nutmeg
  • Lesser Swallow Prominent
  • Light Brocade, 11
  • Light Emerald
  • Maiden's Blush
  • Oak Hook-tip
  • Orange Footman, 6
  • Pale Oak Beauty
  • Pale Prominent
  • Pale Tussock
  • Pebble Hook-tip
  • Poplar Hawkmoth, 7
  • Scorched Wing
  • Setaceous Hebrew Character
  • Shuttle-shaped Dart
  • Silver Y, 5
  • Spectacle
  • White Ermine
  • Willow Beauty


  1. Stunning collection there Katie, you're certainly taking me to the cleaners!

  2. Thanks, I got some really pretty ones today! ;o)

    I shouldn't admit it, but I don't even bother looking at the micros - macros are hard enough for me at the moment! :o/

  3. Probably best that you steered well away from puns with that lot :o)

  4. The girls and I are really enjoying looking at your pics (especially the kissing snails!). Are you catching moths this weekend, and if so might we be able to pop over one morning to see what you've got? xx