Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bright and beautiful

I've been ringing in my garden again.

I caught my first Goldfinch, a young male

Red which extends behind the eye shows it's a boy

Goldfinch tail
And with a narrow, worn tail like that, he has to be one of last year's young (see how much more quickly the white bits wear)
Great Spotted Woodpecker
I think we've met somewhere before...

It was the fourth time I'd caught this female Great Spotted Woodpecker (can't tell how old she is though). I've ringed four woodpeckers in the garden but this is the only one I've re-caught. 

As a repeat offender (or maybe frequent flyer) I think she needs a name... Since my neighbour Laura put the ring on, and Laura's from Finland, I've decided on K├Ąpytikka, the Finnish name for Dendrocopos major. See you again soon!

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