Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in pictures

Sunset over the Ivel Valley
January: sunset over the Ivel valley

Loch Ken
February: Loch Ken

Lesser Diving Beetle
March: Lesser Diving Beetle in the garden pond

Blackthorn blossom
April: blackthorn blossom at Castor Hanglands

Ringing Starling chicks
May: ringing Starling chicks in the nestboxes at Hope Farm

Large Skipper
June: Large Skipper at Beeston (taken with my phone!)

5.06 am, 20 July
July: moth trapping frenzy at just gone 0500 hrs...

Painted Lady
August: Painted Lady on buddleia in the garden

Southern Hawker in flight
September: Southern Hawker over the garden pond

Coming down...
October: sweet chestnut time for a Grey Squirrel at The Lodge

Smooth Newt
November: newt rescue at The Lodge

Whose footprints?
December: Woodcock tracks (I think) in snow at... The Lodge

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos, Katie. All the best for 2011! Regards, Graeme