Thursday, October 21, 2010

The century

Well, we've finally done it, after nearly four years.

This morning I went to stand outside - in the frost - to see if I could hear any Lesser Redpolls flying over. It looked to be a good morning for a bit of visible migration.

And lo and behold, after 10 minutes, a couple of redpolls - got to presume they're Lessers - did indeed fly over, calling as they went. And that brought us to Number 100 on our garden bird list.

To tell the truth, it couldn't feel any more underwhelming.

I'm not really sure what number 101 might be. There are some reasonably obvious things that we ought to target next... Turtle Dove, Merlin, Marsh Harrier, Tree Pipit, waders, wildfowl, Mediterranean Gull, perhaps a passage Sedge Warbler (I'll have to grow some Phragmites). But none of them seems particularly likely, especially not for the next few months.

What will spring bring?


  1. Katie,
    Congrads on 100! We are and have been stuck at 109 for years. Never had a gull fly over or Bald Eagle maybe they will be next.

  2. Isn't this the year everyone in the UK is getting Red-flanked Bluetail for their garden list?

    Good luck!!