Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mmm... Frosted Orange

Today's catch was 51 moths - the same as last time - but only eight species this time. I think this is a new low! But there were a couple of new ones - Frosted Orange and Large Wainscot (its caterpillars feed on Common Reed).

Frosted Orange
Frosted Orange

Large Wainscot
Large Wainscot
Dawn was misty.

Misty dawn

Moth list this way...

  • Setaceous Hebrew Character, 19
  • Lunar Underwing, 15
  • Square-spot Rustic, 6
  • Snout, 4
  • Brimstone Moth, 2
  • Frosted Orange, 2
  • Large Yellow Underwing
and one
  • Large Wainscot
photos taken with Canon Powershot A640