Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Garden Birdwatch

Did my Big Garden Birdwatch this morning. It's bitterly cold today, clear and breezy, and I went out first thing to top up the feeders, scatter seed and oats on the ground, and put out some water.

I was thrilled to count a whopping SIX Reed Buntings hopping around with the Chaffinches. One of them was [presumably...] the bird we ringed last weekend. So that was good, but where were all the Great Tits? And why didn't any of our Marsh Tits turn up?

The totals...

  • Chaffinch, 16
  • Jackdaw, 11
  • Reed Bunting, 6
  • Blue Tit, 5
  • Greenfinch, 4
  • Great Tit, 3
  • Robin, 2
  • Blackbird, 2
  • Dunnock, 2
  • Pheasant, 1
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker, 1
  • Carrion Crow, 1
  • Magpie, 1
  • Coal Tit, 1
Annoyingly, I've just seen a Marsh Tit. Too late now...