Sunday, March 01, 2009


Female Goldfinch
Female Goldfinch (the red stops midway along the eye, not behind it)

Male Greenfinch
Male Greenfinch

Male Great Tit
Male Great Tit, with super-wide black belly stripe

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker
Male Great Spotted Woodpecker (with red on nape)

Time for some more garden bird ringing.
  • Greenfinch, 12 (+ 1 retrap)
  • Great Tit, 12 (+ 1 retrap)
  • Blue Tit, 11 (+ 1 retrap)
  • Goldfinch, 7 (6 were male!)
  • Chaffinch, 3
  • Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 (male and female)
  • Dunnock, 1
  • Robin, 1
Greenfinches seem to have made a comeback, as they've only been present in small numbers lately. Where have they been? 

All the retraps had been ringed on the last session, on 8 February. Where are those birds now?