Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garden list

The garden list has had several additions in recent weeks.
  • About a month ago, I saw a Common Tern flying across the field at the back of the house. Not sure where it was going, or indeed, where it had come from
  • About a few weeks ago, I was in the garden after work when I heard a Garden Warbler singing distantly. Under our rules, that's permissible - birds don't have to be in the garden to be added to the list, but we do
  • On 11 June, Darren heard an Oystercatcher calling as it flew over in the dark
  • And this morning, Darren caught sight of a Red Kite as it drifted past a couple of fields away. It didn't quite fly over us, but it was close enough. Perhaps our most-expected garden tick lately. It would be nice to think that we might get Turtle Dove next, but I'm afraid that it just won't happen in this modern day and age...
You can see the whole list here, which stands at 82 species in about 18 months now

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