Sunday, February 17, 2008



Snow Bunting

Black-headed Gull

The first stop of the day for us was for the Bittern at Beeston Regis. The bird was visible with the naked eye as we approached. I grabbed some digiscoped record shots (which were hardly worth downloading from the camera) but I was dragged away after only 10 minutes. The Bittern flew off shortly afterwards.

By the time we showed up, there was already a large crowd, virtually all toting long lenses. Most of them were standing around chatting and not even watching what was an outstandingly showy Bittern. If they'd cleared off out of the way and continued their conversations down the pub, there would have been enough room for everyone to get a good view. Mine was through some reeds.

If you want to see photos of it, please go to Weedon's World of Nature.

We also stopped at Cley to try for the White-crowned Sparrow (surely Britain's most-famous bird?) but it didn't show in the 30 minutes we were there, despite the fact that I'd made a donation to the church fund.

photos taken with Canon EOS 30D, EF 300mm f/4L IS USM


  1. Love Snow Buntings!
    Good photos too.

    Happy Birthday to Darren
    The e-mail I have for him bounced back!

    Have you actually seen the Sparrow at Cley? Thought you'd have more patience than 30 mins wait!


  2. Hi

    I haven't seen the sparrow but Darren has. Guess I'm not that bothered or I'd have been before. I'm not really interested in adding to my life-list - there are so many other things I haven't been for that I'm not worried about one more.

    Also, there are lots more interesting things to see in Norfolk besides weird sparrows...

  3. Love the shot of the turnstone. We have hundreds of them here on Westray - mind you, there's hundreds of everything at the moment. . . and no crowds.

  4. What is this, the Westray tourist board? Stop it, you're making me want to go! I'd love to, one day...

  5. nice photos Katie, curiously I liked the pebbles best