Monday, October 22, 2007


Had a pleasantly long weekend on the East Yorkshire coast with Mark and Jenny and the dogs...

Red-flanked Bluetail at Old Fall Plantation, Flamborough Head (Yorkshire's first twitchable one). Mark has in-the-hand photos here

Tree Sparrow, Buckton (I blogged about this area on Notes On Nature)

Whooper Swans flying in-off at South Landing

Small Tortoiseshell, South Landing

Autumnal leaves, South Landing

Common Darter

photos taken with Canon EOS 30D, EF 300mm f/4L IS USM and Nikon Coolpix 995


  1. I was at the Bluetail too.

    I was walking up through the village after spending the morning on the beach with my course when a "random woman" said, "You'd better get yourself up to the plantation, they're releasing it soon". Not knowing what the "it" was but curiosity getting the better of me (the random woman was quite insistent too) I got to the spot just as the guy was explaining "its" finer plumage details. It was only when I got back home and looked "it" up I realised how privileged I was. I hurried off as I had to catch up with my course mates at Dane's Dyke. What a fantastic little bird though!

  2. Here am I, thousands of miles away from my most favorite place in the world just following trails from other blogs I like, and now I find a blog about Flamborough Head! Do visit my website: and my blogs: Flamblog and Homesick for Flamborough.
    Wonderful photographs. I used to know many names of birds and their songs when we lived at Flamborough, but then we moved over here and I had to learn all the American ones.I have you on my 'blogs to visit' list.