Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I’ve just watched the first Goldfinches (since we moved in) grace our garden. A trio perched in the bird bush for only a few seconds before moving on again.

It would be great to see them back again soon – Goldfinches do go for black sunflower seeds sometimes, as I found in my last garden. Lots of people put out niger seed (or nyger/nyjer, however you want to spell it – it’s teasel seed, basically) to attract Goldies, but it’s expensive stuff.

The specially-designed feeders exclude birds other than Goldfinches and Siskins so unless you pull in Goldfinches, you’re probably onto a loser. I have seen little sample-sized niger feeders in the RSPB shop, which seem like a good idea to start with.

It would probably be more fun – and more aesthetically-pleasing - to grow some real teasels in the flowerbeds. When they’re in flower, insects go wild for them, too, so you get a double pay-back.

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