Sunday, July 03, 2005

Summer Chafer

Shown approximately 3x lifesize, here is a Summer Chafer I rescued from the pond this afternoon. A couple of his friends weren't so lucky.

For the past few nights, I've noticed large numbers (c100+) of these beasties swarming around the top of my back garden Ash tree at dusk. Though it was getting a bit dark to see, closer examination through binoculars revealed that there was rather a lot of mating going on among the leaves. I don't remember seeing these beetles before but perhaps I don't look hard enough.

A Google search for information on the species doesn't reveal very much - mainly tips on how best to kill them. The grubs eat grass roots so they aren't flavour of the month with gardeners. I'm told that Summer Chafers are a favourite snack for Noctule bats, but I've only seen Black-headed Gulls eating them so far...

photo taken with Nikon Coolpix 995

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  1. What an amazing creature!

    Wish I had the urge/skills/talent to photograph - there was a HUGE spider on my screen - he was outside, so I was seeing his underside, which had a splash of brilliant orange and yellow. He would have been perfect in a bed of flowers, you'd never see him. Don't know what about his hunting made it important to have this color on his underside, though - when I went outside to look he was plain brown on top. He wasn't a daddy long-legs, had a big ol' body - but from side to side, including legs, he was a good 3" across. I've never seen anything remotely like him. (San Francisco.)