Thursday, June 09, 2005

Four-spotted Chaser

No need for digiscoping with this one. It perched right next to me on the edge of the old swimming pool (now a wildlife/fish pond) for several minutes while the sun went in.

photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 995


  1. Unbelievably marvelous pics throughout this site!

  2. what a wonderful blog. you've got an amazing eye! or maybe even two amazing eyes...

  3. I'm up too late (2:45 a.m. my time) but glad of it since, at this last moment before dropping off into bed I had the good luck of stumbling onto your great photos.

    Just lovely those lacy flying beasties and spring flowers. Well done!

    Humid breezes blowing through the windows here tonight in Florida, lifting the lace curtains under the wing of Tropical Storm Arlene.

    If ever you have a chance check out my site and blog.

    Keep creating your beauty. It's a gift.

  4. Not a really common species in southeast Michigan, USA, as we lack boggy habitats they seem to like. However, I might have found one yesterday in a new location. Can't wait to verify it.

    And Katie, I've tagged you with a book meme -- if you decide to respond, I look forward to learning what you read.

  5. Hello!

    Beautiful photography! May I add your blog to my blog list?

    Thank you for giving me (and others) interesting material to read. Reading blogs is a great joy and allows us to experience so much more than the traditional media/literature.


  6. Amazing pictures. I'm truly jealous. I've intended to purchase a Canon EOS 20D for a long time, and I noticed that the photos here are mainly using Coolpix cameras. Is there a reason that those would be preferred to the 20D? Thanks in advance, James.

  7. Nice pics!

    (BTW...don't you hate the spam-self advertise comments?? How lame!)

  8. Fabulous as always! wish i had more time to hang around in a swamp!

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  9. Amazingly close...I'm impressed. Thanks for the treat!

  10. Fantastic....I wish I saw the world that way.

  11. awesome pics. Keep up the great work!