Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year, same uncooperative birds

A text from Dr Weedon woke me up at 07:53 this morning.

It said:
"Bastn fen. Seo 2bo 3goosandr over. M".

Which, translated into English, means:
"I am at Baston Fen NR. I have seen a Short-eared Owl, two Barn Owls and three Goosander. Mike".

There was another at 08:16:
"Bfen. 3 beardies buzard. M".

Translation: "I am still at Baston Fen NR. I have also seen three Bearded Tits and a Buzzard. Mike".

Then there was a phone call, urging me to get out and see the Bearded Tits ("can you hear them pinging? You could almost have that on your yearlist!"), so I dragged myself up there and spent an hour and a half standing around in the cold, not hearing any pinging before one of them let one out, as it were, and the tension was relieved. I didn't see any of the little buggers, though.

Now I don't have to worry about getting them on the yearlist anymore...

For me, the Bearded Tit experience was put in the shade by the adult male Merlin - the blue uppers showed up nicely against the dark soil - which shot over the counter drain and put up a big flock of Woodpigeons and Stock Doves from the setaside across the bank.